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Translation - 2001.11 Duet - Satoshi-kun & Sho-kun parts

Following the previous MatsuJun’s part of 2001.11 Duet, here come Sho-kun’s and Satoshi-kun’s parts :D

Before that, I just realized that when Jun said about Nino being “hito natsukoi” in my previous translation, he said exactly the same thing about Nino on the VIP Room with Becky~!!

I mean… It was an 8-years-ago opinion right? And it turns out that he still thinks so even now... XDD

Well, on to the translations~!

These were Ohno Satoshi’s and Sakurai Sho’s opinions, 8 years ago…



The usual color codes:

BLUE = riidaa

RED = sho-kun



2001.11 Duet – Ohno Satoshi & Sho Sakurai

Scans credit to



1. いちばん携帯電話を使ってる人。



1. The person who uses cellphone the most.

Aiba-chan! But, he never called me…

Aiba. But it looks like he’s just pretending that he has a lot of friends. The one who uses the functions efficiently is MatsuJun.


2. いちばん寝起きが悪い人。



2. The person who’s worst in waking up early.

Maybe it’s MatsuJun. I’m very good at waking up early yo! Until some time ago I was bad at waking up early, but once I was almost late for work and learnt from it, now I wake up properly.

Either Matsujun, or Aiba. If Aiba wakes up late, he’s moving fast, but MatsuJun properly gets himself ready even when he wakes up late.


3. いちばん生態がナゾな人。



3. The person whose life mode is most mysterious.

 (thinking for a while) It’s fine that (the answer) is me (laughs). Walking sluggishly with hunched back, or dangling posture on the train’s strap, even I think that it’s mysterious.

Ohno-kun. Because at work time, he comes in his nightwear and empty-handed.


4. いちばんズルがしこい人。



4. The most sly/ crafty person.

Nino. Somehow he seems to be able to escape by saying something good.

Ninomiya. Rather than crafty, that guy is a smooth-talker, so it seems that he’ll pull the conversation.


5. いちばん浪費家な人。



5. The most spendthrift person.

MatsuJun! Because he buys clothes immediately ne. When he sees people with nice clothing, he’ll definitely start a conversation like, [this (clothes)~?].

MatsuJun. In any case, he has a lot of clothes. The one who doesn’t spend is Ohno-kun. Because he seems to use bicycle rather than taxi to transport.


6. いちばん楽屋でおしゃべりしてる人。



6. The person who talks the most in the changing room

Sho-kun. He’ll enter his own world, telling gags to himself, laughing to himself (laughs).

Me. I’m aware of that. There are times that even I think that I’m noisy. When the 5 of us are gathering, I become happy so I talk ne.


7. いちばん大食いな人。



7. The most big-eater.

Maybe it’s Sho-kun? At one time, Aiba-chan was amazing too!

Me. I’m the type that doesn’t eat between meals, so I eat a lot in meals.


8. いちばん好き嫌いが激しい人。



8. The person with strongest likes and dislikes.

I don’t know! By the way, other than (pickled) scallion, everything is fine for me!

MatsuJun. I have the impression of him eating cup-ramen.


9. いちばん早食いな人。



9. The person who eats the quickest.

Who is it…? The manager is the fastest eater! (laughs).

It’s Aiba-chan, maybe? Maybe it’s the traces of a big-eater, but there’s vigor in his way of eating. I’m slow when eating yo.


10. いちばんナルシストな人。



10. The most narcissist.

MatsuJun. Because he’s particular about his hairstyle, and his make-up time is long.

The one who’s elaborate with his hairstyle and has particular angle to be captured in camera is MatsuJun.





11. いちばん早く結婚しそうな人。



11. The person who seems like he’s going get married the quickest.

Maybe it’s Aiba-chan. It’s just my intuition though. As for me, I want it any time! Married-desire No. 1! What’s left is to find the partner… (laughs).

Ohno-kun. It seems like he’ll have official family register before anyone knows. The slow one will be MatsuJun. Because it seems that he’ll keep searching for the “good love” forever.


12. いちばんナンパな人&Hな人。



12. The person who most likely will go nanpa (“girl-hunting”) the most, and the most perverted.

Sho-kun. Or rather, everyone is just as perverted as he is. (t/n: not sure about what タメ張る (tame haru) means…correction, please? :D) thank you kimi_no_tsuki <3

Nanpa is Ninomiya. Because he’s an affable person. The perverted one is me, but quite unpredictably it turns out that Ohno-kun is similarly perverted. The type of girl that we like is also similar.


13. いちばんモテる人。



13. The most popular.

Nino! He has a pleasant face, doesn’t he!

Ninomiya who’s an affable person, or Ohno-kun who’s good at being dependent (laughs).


14. いちばんハゲそうな人&ヒゲが濃くなりそうな人。



14. The person who’s most likely to go bald, and who’s most likely to grow thick beard.

Sho-kun will likely be a bald father. I won’t go bald! There’s no reason, though (laughs).

For beard, MatsuJun, Aiba, and I will grow it nicely. I wonder about balding? If, I will go bald, I think I’ll make it skin head, though.


15. いちばん笑いのセンスがありそうな人。



15. The person with the most sense of laughing.

Aiba-chan. Because he’s unlikely to be shy.

It’s not me. Maybe it’s Satoshi-san? The one that looks natural and convincing is Aiba (laughs).


16. いちばん野心家な人。



16. The most ambitious.

Nino! What he’s thinking about, even now I can’t read him… He’s likely to suddenly go to an unknown country.

It’s not ambitious, but the one who thinks about the future, or a lot of other things, is MatsuJun. Somehow, it seems that he has a vision.


17. いちばんアツイ人。



17.The most passionate.

Isn’t it Nino? Even though he acts nonchalantly in work, in private he seems to be passionate.

In Arashi it seems that there’s no one that passionate but… with the influence of Sakuraniwa Yuuichirou, maybe it’s Aiba.


18. いちばん怖がりな人。



18. The most timid/ coward.

The most is MatsuJun. When he goes to the haunted/ spirit spots, he’ll be like, “Let’s stop this yo.” He’s a (natural) worrier ne.

At first it was me, but as we go to the location for [USO!?~], graveyard and the likes, I became used to it.


19. いちばんスゴイ人。



19. The most amazing.

Me (laughs). I think I’m amazing. Somehow, I’m supposed to have amazing power! But, I’m the type who will die without realizing that power for all my life (laughs).

Ohno-kun. Because [Playzone] was amazing. It felt like he displayed his real ability. MatsuJun also has worked hard ne. Respectively, everyone is amazing.


20. 自分がいちばんなところ。

細 かさ。この前さ、『プレゾン』やったじゃん。ボクって細かすぎるなーって思ったよ。考えすぎ!みたいな。ひとりの見せ場のときなんかは、ひとつひとつの動 きをすごく考えてたもん。でも、自分が納得できなきゃイヤだからさ。職人タイプっていうか、これは父ちゃんゆずりの性格だね。


20. Your number one point.

I’m detailed. Before this, I did [Playzone] didn’t I? I thought that I was too detailed. Too much thinking! Like that. In the alone highlight scene (of the play), I was thinking too much of each movement. But, I don’t like it when I don’t approve myself. Like the craftsman type, it’s the character I inherited from my father ne.

I have the darkest skin. Because this year’s summer I was very active. The sea in Kanagawa, the sea in Chiba, Hatsushima, I went to various places. Even though lately, I get carsick at my own driving.



English and Japanese are not my native languages,

so comments and corrections are <33333

Will be updating with Aiba-chan’s and Nino’s parts, hopefully before, erm… the end of September…? XD



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